BetStars Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions

General Sports Betting

Where can I find BetStars? Is BetStars sports betting available in my country? Which sports are available to bet on? What kind of bets can I place on BetStars? Where can I find the betting rules? How do I place my bets? How do I play on my mobile? Can I place bets over the phone? What is In-Play betting and is this available on all events?


Do I need to fund my sports betting account separately to my poker account? I already have an account. Do I need to open another new account to place bets on sports? I haven’t played your poker games for some time and want to place a sports bet but have forgotten my login details. What can I do? Can I place a bet at the same time as playing poker or other games? I am new to your site and don’t have an account, but I want to use your sports betting service only. What do I do?

Placing Bets

What is the minimum amount I can bet? What is the maximum bet I can place? What are the maximum payouts? How do I know how much I can win on my bet? What is a single and how do I place a single bet? What is a multiple and how do I place a multiple bet? How do I place a bet In-Play? How do I know if my bet has been placed? Where do I see all my bets? Where can I see the result of bets I have placed? I placed a bet by accident – can I cancel or change it? What is the Cash Out option and how does it work? What does SP mean? What is an each way (EW) bet? If you don’t have the event I want on your site – can I request odds? Can I choose how the odds are displayed on the betting page?

Free Bets

How do I check if I have a Free Bet? How do I get a Free Bet? How do I use a Free Bet?


How do I place a bet? Why is my payout less than expected? My bet includes a non-runner what happens now? Why have the place terms changed since I placed my bet? My horse finished first in a dead-heat. What happens now? What is a match bet? What is ‘Betting Without’? What are future bets?

Horseracing Streaming

How will I know which races are live streaming? Who can watch the streams? How can I access the live stream? When can I start watching the live stream? Can I watch a stream if my bet on that race was an Ante-Post bet?

Best Odds Guaranteed

What is Best Odds Guaranteed? How do I bet at Best Odds Guaranteed? What bet types qualify for Best Odds Guaranteed? What happens if there is a Rule 4 deduction on the race? How much can I win on the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion?

Bet Settlement

How long does it take to settle my bet? I think my bet has been settled incorrectly. What can I do? One of my bets has been voided. What does this mean? What happens if I have a non-runner? Do I get my money back? Why is there sometimes a delay between results and my TV broadcast? How are potential returns calculated for system bets? How are dead heat reductions calculated?

Bet Deductions

What is a Rule 4 and how does this affect my bet? What is dead heat and how does this affect my winnings?

Special Offers

Do I earn rewards for my sports bets? Are there any free bet special offers? Will you have any special offers for the major events?


Who do I contact if I have further sports betting related questions or concerns?

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Ofte stillede spørgsmål om sportsvæddemål

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